2017 Guidelines 


We’re getting more submissions and the Detachments are really showcasing their accomplishments.  By following the format it really makes the judging fairer for everyone.  Less credit was given for not following the format.


2016 Americanism Results 
Award Department Detachment
Honorable Mention Texas Deanne Hawkins Detachment 323
Honorable Mention Tennessee Capt. Jack Holland Detachment 235
Honorable Mention Washington Lewis County Cpl. Joseph P. Bier Detachment 1119
Honorable Mention Indiana Bobby Ray Detachment 1377
Honorable Mention Indiana Southeast Marines Detachment 1394
Honorable Mention Indiana Cpl. Jordan L. Spears Detachment 1434
Honorable Mention Pennsylvania Westmoreland County Marines Detachment 1416
3rd Place South Carolina Lewis G. Watkins Detachment 1131
2nd Place Michigan Edson Kline VanSlyke Detachment 1423
1st Place Alabama McLaughlin Detachment 1091
 Award Department Detachment
Honorable Mention South Carolina Owen-Kennemore Detachment 1105
Honorable Mention Missouri Cpl. Mason O. Yarbrough Detachment 1081
Honorable Mention South Carolina Julian D. Dusenbury Detachment 410
3rd Place Indiana Southern Indiana Leathernecks Detachment 931
2nd Place Texas Big "D" Detachment 316
1st Place South Carolina Low County Detachment 803
 Award Department Detachment
Honorable Mention Montana Great Falls Detachment 688
Honorable Mention New Jersey West Hudson Detachment 209
3rd Place Pennsylvania Northampton County Detachment 298
2nd Place Alabama P. L. Wilson Detachment 447
1st Place Tennessee Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Detachment 924
 Gil Gray Award  Michigan John C. Rock Detachment 902
 Congratulations and Semper Fi!

Incorporated by an act of Congress in 1937, the Marine Corps League perpetuates the traditions and spirit of ALL Marines who proudly wear or who have worn the eagle, globe and anchor of the Corps.