Marine Corps League National Headquarters and the Rust Insurance Agency, LLC have made the Commercial General Liability Insurance Letter and Special Event Questionnaire available online,          

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is used to identify a business entity.

To obtain an EIN for your detachment go to the IRS website.  Follow the instructions to apply on line.

When you receive your number advise National Headquarters. the Department of Pennsylvania Judge Advocate and the Department of Pennsylvania Paymaster.

The Department of Pennsylvania is accepting applications for the Pennsylvania Marine Corps League Specialty License Plate. 

Only form MV-904SP (7-19) can be used.  This is the ONLY form that will be accepted.   Do Not Use ANY previous versions, such as of MV-904SP (2-08), MV-904SP (9-14), MV-904SP (10-15), MV-904 (7-17), MV-904 (2-18) or MV-904(2-19).

Application Checklist:

  • You must be a current member of the Marine Corps League or Auxiliary. Your membership will be confirmed during the application process.
  • You will be issued the next number in the sequence unless you select the Personalization option, complete Part D and pay the additional $108.00 fee.
  • Read the Application form and fill in the appropriate blocks. Section by section instructions:
  • Make your check payable to the MARINE CORPS LEAGUE of PA, INC. for the full amount due.
  • Send one check in the amount of $45.00 for each plate, plus $2.00 for each extra registration card.
    ** If selecting Personalization, the fee is $153.00 for each plate, plus $2.00 for each additional card. 
  • Don’t forget to sign your check.
  • Mail application form and check to:

    P. O. BOX 6687
    HARRISBURG, PA 17112

Processing to the Department of Transportation, then to the Bureau of Corrections to manufacture the plate takes approximately six weeks from date of mailing to the Department of Transportation. 

Applications are verified and forwarded to PENNDOT as they are received.  Applications sent directly to PENNDOT or the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be returned without processing.

Email questions regarding the status of your application to: MCLPA Paymaster

Military Funeral Honors

"Honoring Those Who Served"

The Department of Defense (DOD) is responsible for providing military funeral honors. "Honoring Those Who Served" is the title of the DOD program for providing dignified military funeral honors to Veterans who have defended our nation.

Upon the family's request, Public Law 106-65 requires that every eligible Veteran receive a military funeral honors ceremony, to include folding and presenting the United States burial flag and the playing of Taps. The law defines a military funeral honors detail as consisting of two or more uniformed military persons, with at least one being a member of the Veteran's parent service of the armed forces. The DOD program calls for funeral home directors to request military funeral honors on behalf of the Veterans' family. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemetery Administration cemetery staff can also assist with arranging military funeral honors at VA national cemeteries. Veterans organizations may assist in providing military funeral honors. When military funeral honors at a national cemetery are desired, they are arranged prior to the committal service by the funeral home.

The Department of Defense began the implementation plan for providing military funeral honors for eligible Veterans as enacted in Section 578 of Public Law 106-65 of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2000 on Jan. 1, 2000.

Questions or comments concerning the DOD military funeral honors program may be sent to the address listed below.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
(Military Community and Family Policy)
4000 Defense Pentagon, Room 5A726
Washington, DC 20380

To arrange military funeral honors, contact your local funeral home.


Requirements for Burial Details at the Indiantown Gap National Cemetery

  • 1. Any Veterans Organization who desires to serve as an honor detail must first write a letter to the Secretary of The Pennsylvania War Veterans Council stating they are interested in serving as an honor guard at the National Cemetery. Once these letters are received they are date stamped and filed and as the need arises the organizations are called in the order in which their requests were received and filed.
  • 2. At the inception of this program, The Pennsylvania War Veterans Council went on record to allow the Lebanon VFW honor guard to perform the detail. The Lebanon VFW will notify the Secretary of the PWVC when they desire relief. When this relief is called for the Secretary will then notify the next organization in line as stated in paragraph 1.
  • 3. Honor details must perform the ceremony as described appropriate service in the Drill and Ceremonies manuals to include properly folding the flag and presenting it to the next of kin. All members of the detail must be uniformly attired.
  • 4. All details are required to serve a minimum of one week and be at the National Cemetery from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • 5. Individuals cannot apply to serve, only organized veteran units will be accepted.
  • 6. Each organization must submit the dates and hours spent at the National Cemetery at the end of their respective work week to the Secretary of the PWVC who in turn will have then information verified with the Cemetery Director by the Department of Veterans Affairs who then will process a voucher for payment. Payment will be made on a monthly basis. All payments will be made to the order of the sponsoring organization, not to an individual.
  • 7. Honor details should consist of at least 5 members. If at all possible, 2 color bearers and 3 riflemen. If no bugler is obtainable, the tape playing taps may be used over the cemetery's sound system.