Marine Corps League of Pennsylvania, Inc.
 is looking for a few good men and women to join our ranks.

Members of the Marine Corps League are the backbone of our organization. They are Marines, FMF Corpsman and FMF Chaplains of all generations who have served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Cold War, Gulf War, the Global War on Terror and every clime and place in-between. Collectively, our members hold the League true to the principles and purposes of our mission that was laid down by Congressional Charter in August of 1937. Marines are known for their ability to improvise, adapt and overcome; the League has been built using the creativity, imagination and perseverance of the membership since its founding. There are other Marine-based veterans’ organizations; the Marine Corps League is the one and the only Congressionally Chartered Veterans Organization.

Regular membership in the League is available for Marines, male or female, active or reserve, veteran or currently serving with at least 90 days honorable service on active duty; FMF Navy Corpsman who have served with Marines and earned the Marine Corps or Warfare Device worn on the Service Ribbon; or FMF Navy Chaplains who have earned the FMF Badge serving with Marines. Veterans not currently serving will need to present a DD Form 214. Currently serving Marines will need to present their ID Card.

Associate membership in the League is available as well and with a few exceptions, such as holding elective office, has the same rights and privileges as regular membership. Associate members include friends, relatives and spouses of our members and others who simply appreciate the opportunity to be close to Marines. Associate members are important to our League and many participate at local, Department and National levels and make significant contributions to our missions.

But why should YOU join?

WHY is a question that members must answer for themselves. Some join to participate in our many programs;
Toys for Tots, VA Voluntary Service, Young Marines and Marksmanship are examples that many members cite when asked about their WHY. Others join to regain the comradery they experienced in the Corps. And still others will tell you they joined to give back in some way or to help serve their fellow Marines. Regardless of what your interests are, the League in Pennsylvania has programs and activities that will enable you to feel the same satisfaction that you experienced serving in the Corps.

If you are considering membership but uncertain of your WHY, we invite you to look through our web site and get a better understanding of what we do and who we are. Locate a Detachment close to you using the
locator and attend a Detachment meeting. Talk to our members. And feel the excitement and pride they share as Marines and members of the League as they pursue their missions and programs.

When you understand your WHY, fill out an
application and bring it with your DD Form 214 to the next Detachment meeting. The Detachment Officers will be happy to welcome you aboard and will explain how the membership process works, dues and the benefits of Marine Corps League Membership.

Become part of us. There are no Former Marines, only Marines.

Semper Fidelis.


Members usually join the League through one of our 75 local Detachments located across the Commonwealth; one of which is likely to be only a short drive away from your home. Each Detachment is an independent unit supporting its local community through our many programs and functions. Members of each Detachment enjoy the comradery of their fellow Marines and the satisfaction of seeing the results of their efforts in their own activities. If contemplating membership, we encourage you to contact your local Detachment. Membership in a Detachment provides the most opportunities for participating and contributing in your own community and is preferred by most members.

Membership is also available at an “at-large” or MAL member. If contemplating membership but there is not a local Detachment (possible but unlikely) participating as an MAL may be an option to consider. The preferred option in Pennsylvania for MAL is the
Keystone Headquarters Detachment. Keystone HQ Detachment is a “holding company” for members who for various reasons cannot participate locally. Membership in Keystone Detachment also helps Pennsylvania maintain voting rights at the Department and National level for these members, something that is forfeit for true “at-large” members.

Please contact the
Keystone Headquarters Detachment directly for information on becoming a Pennsylvania MAL.

Membership in the League is renewable every September. Life membership is a good option for members who wish to avoid renewing every year and makes economic sense for many members. Life membership is available to members in good standing in the League by paying one-time life membership dues. Benefits of life membership include designation of “LIFE” on a member’s cover, a permanent brass membership card in addition to the same benefits received by members renewing annually. Life membership dues are graduated by the age of the member when “going life.”

Please consult your
Detachment Paymaster if you are interested in becoming a life member.


Membership dues are collected annually by the Detachment Paymasters. Dues vary slightly by Detachment as each sets the local portion of the annual dues. The dues chart below shows the dues for Pennsylvania members of Keystone HQ Detachment and the one-time dues for becoming a life member.


Type Membership /

Member Age


New Members (Keystone HQ)

Regular or Associate Members

$ 35.00

Renewal (Keystone HQ)

Regular or Associate Members

$ 30.00


Life Member Dues**

35 Years Old or Younger

$ 500.00

36-50 Years Old

$ 400.00

51-64 Years Old

$ 300.00

65 Years Old and Older

** Requires membership in good standing.

$ 200.00