Veterans Administration Volunteer Services (VAVS)

Frank Walker, Chair
145 Fesser Rd.
Littletown, PA  17340


      The Department VAVS Awards are based on the quantity and quality of the Detachment's VAVS program based on the information provided on the Detachment Participation Report submitted to the VAVS Chairman. Plaques will be awarded for first, second and third place recipients in each category and certificates for all detachments that submit the form by the final deadline The stipends are handed out twice a year: at the winter Department staff meeting and at the Department Convention for those detachments submitting the Detachment Participation Reports for the reporting period.

Forms can be filled out online and printed for delivery via regular mail or emailed to the VAVS Chairman directly.

Forms can also be printed out and filled in legibly and then mailed to the chair.  Reports: First and Second quarters are due by January 1st, Third and Fourth quarter are due by June 1st.                                     

Mary Cody Award

Presented to any Department of Pennsylvania volunteer for outstanding participation.  Recommendation may be submitted at any time by letter or email up June 1st to the Department VAVS Chairman.  Recommendation letters or email need to be an accurate description of the service the volunteer has performed and why they deserve consideration for the award.
Mary Cody, a Woman Marine, and wife of Past Department of Pennsylvania and National Commandant Pat Cody, was a long time volunteer. This award was established in memory of her long and distinguished service.                     

For information on the MCL National VAVS Program and for information on certifying or recertifying Representatives and Deputies to a specific VA Hospital, click here.

National Veteran Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS)