Marine Corps Leaguers:  How many of the detachments in your Department are affiliated with a Young Marines unit?

Do you know that we have only 243 YM Units throughout the country, but we have more than 900 MCL Detachments in our country!!

Where is our support to OUR MCL Young Marines Program??

The program is growing every year; but not nearly as fast or as big as it could, or as we could help it to grow. We really need your help to generate more interest and support in the program: both for those units already existing and to establish new units in your detachments areas. The procedure is very simple: you only need to identify an adult staff of 4-6 people, one of whom must be a Marine: Active, Reserve, Retired or Former – in order for him or her to be the Commanding Officer. They must be registered with and approved by the YM National Headquarters. Thereafter, solicit boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 18 to join, while identifying a meeting place that you can use : both for the period of “Boot Camp” and , thereafter for your regular meetings You will be provided written guidelines, Internet access to assistance, a VCR tape about the program that you can take to your community and school organizations to educate them, as well as solicit “participating support” from them . As soon as the youngsters are registered with National YM Headquarters you can begin your meetings: Boot Camp first!  YM National Headquarters staff are available to assist you at all times; as I am, also!  LET’s GIVE IT A TRY! After all, it is OUR PROGRAM!!

Did you know that the YM Program is registered with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC); and you and ALL of your friends, neighbors and relatives can contribute to the program. The CFC # for the YMs is:2141 Give it a try!

The YMs program has a new slogan to characterize what the program truly represents to our country’s youth and their community: STRENGTHENING THE LIVES OF AMERICA’S YOUTH . There is, also, a new video to play to interested persons and organizations. It is a very good, educational film that enable the viewers to understand and (want to) participate in the program. The film is available to you when you decide to start a YM program. AND, the YMs program has a new mascot. His name is “CHESTER” . You will see him in their magazine, on “Tee” shirts, on letterhead everywhere! Look him up on the internet.

You and your MCL members need to join forces with those YMs units in your area to support their thrust to honor all of us ; and the other veterans in our country!!!  Call YM National Headquarters (1-800-717-0060), or go to the YM website and get the latest information available about what you can do to support and/or participate in this program.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand the relationship between the MCL and the YMs program. The MCL is the “parent organization” of the “subsidiary” YMs organization. But—there is absolutely NO supervisory and/or directive authority by MCL detachments over any of the YMs units throughout the country. Ours is a supportive, assistance , educational, RECOGNITION and leadership role that provides the basis for the youngsters in the program to become better, more productive, non-drug using adults in our society in the future!!!

The program has an exceptional education and training element to it on a national level. And, while the majority of the training occurs in the Summer time-frame there is ALWAYS a need for adult volunteers to assist with/accompany the youngsters to the training sites. There is training in:

 Civil War Adventure Aviation Mach II Adventure Junior Leadership Schools
 Space Academy Division Encampments Senior Leadership Schools
Army Cadet Exchange
Canadian Cadet Challenge Advanced Leadership Schools

Your enrollment in/participation in this program has an incredible impact on the future of our country’s adult representation in business and the governing of the country.  JOIN NOW!!! 

Attend meetings in your area! Invite them to participate in your MCL activities. Show an interest!

Additionally, there are periodic “Encampments” by the Division Commanders where many YM Units join together for a weekend or a week of fun, education and/or training. Those encampments NEED adult supervision and assistance. Volunteer.

Further, many units go on bus or car trips to educate as well as expose the youngsters to many aspects of our culture, our military facilities/ operations and our governments. You and your members could also go on those trips , as chaperones/ Adult Leaders, to assist as well as ENJOY!

Marines, it is time to re-emphasize the Young Marines relationship to the Marine Corps League, as well as rededicate our efforts to support and participate in the Program. Spread the word to all  detachment members to “join the program”; and watch the positive changes that occur in the youngsters over a period of time, in part, because of the role (model) you play with and for them.